I want to thank everyone in our community who voted for me and supported me over the last year. Although the results weren’t what we hoped, I’m committed to continuing to be active in the community that I love so much.


Environmental Sustainability

Protecting our environment and ensuring its sustainability for future generations is one of my top priorities. I believe in implementing green technologies, reducing carbon emissions and preserving natural resources. Together, we can create a cleaner and healthier community for all.

Smart Development

I believe in smart development that prioritizes sustainable growth while preserving our community's unique character. This means supporting responsible land use policies and investing in infrastructure to accommodate new growth while protecting our green spaces and historic buildings. I will work with stakeholders to ensure our community continues to thrive and prosper for future generations.

Fiscal Transparency

I will prioritize promoting economic growth while maintaining fiscal responsibility and transparency. I believe in investing in the community through education, infrastructure, and job creation, while also being mindful of taxpayers' hard-earned dollars. By utilizing data-driven decision making, I will ensure that every dollar is spent effectively and efficiently to enhance the well-being of our residents. It is essential that the community have confidence in how their tax dollars are being spent.

I welcome all feedback and concerns from my community so I can serve everyone to the best of my ability.

Jessica Irvine

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Jessica Irvine for Carmel South Central District

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